XsunX Begins CIGSolar® CIS Processing

XsunX, Inc. of Irvine, California USA, the developer of
CIGSolar®, a patent-pending solar cell manufacturing process,
reports having begun processing CIS films with its recently
completed CIGSolar® TFPV solar cell evaporation system.

The company’s technology reportedly utilizes multi-small area
thermal co-evaporation technology to deposit the CIGS solar absorber
onto thin stainless steel substrates. The stainless steel substrate
can be sized to match silicon solar cells for use as a low cost
alternative to silicon solar cells.  XsunX says that the
flexible stainless steel substrate allows the cells to be used in
applications such as building-integrated PV (BIPV) in which
flexibility is required. XsunX says that BIPV manufacturers could
produce cells manufactured using the  CIGSolar® process in
their products.

Tim Djokovich indicated that the company started copper indium and
selenium film processing and it will transition to copper indium
gallium and selenium (CIGS) films and get the systems ready for

“Rather than develop a product that attempts to compete with
assemblers of silicon solar modules, which is a business path that
has seen the demise of numerous thin film companies such as
Solyndra, XsunX’s CIGSolar® is designed to offer pre-existing
silicon module assemblers a lower cost replacement to silicon. Our
business objective is to leverage the many GW of existing assembly
capacity in the market – not compete with it. Now it appears that
the flexibility of our stainless steel substrates may also offer
an alternative cell for BIPV assemblers as well.”
Mr. Djokovich.