Wolfspeed Amplifies its Industry-Leading GaN RF Technology and GaN-on-SiC Foundry Services at CSICS 2017

Wolfspeed, a Cree Company — a global leader in wide bandgap semiconductor technology and the premier provider of the most field-tested SiC power and GaN-on-SiC RF solutions in the world — is amplifying the state-of-the-art in RF amplifier technology, as well as showcasing the industry’s leading GaN-on-SiC commercial foundry services, enabling RF design engineers to build more efficient broadband power amplifiers for commercial and military wireless communications and radar applications.

Wolfspeed is exhibiting at the 2017 IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium (CSICS), the leading international forum for advancing the technologies involved in compound semiconductor integrated circuits, encompassing GaAs, InP, GaN, SiGe, and nanoscale CMOS technology, scheduled for October 22 – 25, 2017 in Miami, FL. Exhibiting in Booth #200, Wolfspeed engineers will be showcasing the company’s highly-reliable commercial open GaN-on-SiC foundry services, as well as demonstrating their latest best-in-class GaN-on-SiC power devices for an extensive range of RF power amplifier applications for military communications systems, radar equipment, electronic warfare and electronic counter-measure systems, as well as commercial RF applications in the industrial, medical, and scientific (ISM) band. Wolfspeed’s GaN RF technology leads the industry in reliability with a FIT rate of <10 after billions of device hours of field operation.

“As GaN-on-SiC RF technology has entered the mainstream in commercial wireless infrastructure, our industry-leading open RF foundry and components business continues to innovate to meet the changing cost, efficiency, and performance demands needed for upcoming 5G systems, said Jim Milligan, Vice President, RF and Microwave Products. “As a leader in commercializing GaN-on-SiC technology for RF applications, we are proud to contribute to the IEEE CSICS Symposium as the conference continues to be at the forefront of innovation in compound semiconductors.”

Wolfspeed’s RF business development manager Simon Wood serves as the exhibition chair of the CSICS conference, and Wolfspeed personnel will present one of the CSICS 2017 conference technical sessions:

On Wednesday, October 25, at 1:30pm, Wolfspeed RF applications engineer Kasyap Patel will deliver a presentation entitled “Current Contours-Based Input Matching Network (IMN) Design Methodology for Broadband GaN Doherty Power Amplifiers.” Co-presenters for this session are H. Golestaneh, RF/mmWave Design Engineer of Peraso Technologies and S. Boumaiza, Professor, ECE at University of Waterloo, Canada.

For more information about Wolfspeed, please visit http://www.wolfspeed.com/, or, if you plan to attend CSICS 2017, visit Wolfspeed at Booth #200. For additional details about Wolfspeed presentations at CSICS 2017, please visit http://www.wolfspeed.com/csics-17. For all other inquiries, please contact Susan Knowles, marketing communications, Wolfspeed, at susan.knowles@wolfspeed.com or 919-407-5459.

Editor’s Note: To schedule an appointment with a Wolfspeed representative at CSICS 2017, please contact Sarah Miller, Wolfspeed RF marketing at Sarah.Miller@wolfspeed.com.

About CSICS 2017
The annual IEEE Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium (CSICS) is the premier international conference for developments in compound semiconductor integrated circuits, encompassing GaAs, InP, GaN, SiGe, as well as nanoscale CMOS technology. The Symposium program covers all aspects of the technology from materials issues, device fabrication and modeling through IC design and testing, high volume manufacturing, and system applications. CSICS brings together experts in compound semiconductor ICs as well as high speed silicon and other advanced technology ICs. The CSICS 2017 conference will be held at the Miami Marriott Biscayne Bay in Miami, FL from October 22 – 25, 2017.
For complete information on CSICS, please visit https://csics.org/.

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