WIN Semiconductors Offers New Optical Device Foundry Service

WIN Semiconductors Corp. of Taoyuan, Taiwan, a large pure-play compound semiconductor foundry, reported that its is now offering optical device foundry services for the production of high data rate optical devices. The company says it has added the ability to produce optical devices to its broad gallium arsenide and gallium nitride technology portfolio.

According to WIN, these new foundry services offer flexible, large-scale manufacturing of a variety of complex photodiode and laser designs for 2.5G/s, 10G/s, and 25G/s data rates. WIN says that it provides customizable production services including epitaxial growth/regrowth, material and device characterization, and full device fabrication and testing.

WIN’s services will reportedly accommodate indium phosphide substrates from two-inches to four-inches in diameter.
The company has begun offering epitaxial growth and characterization for lasers and photodiodes, and it has begun installing and developing a complete optical device fabrication line that they plant to make fully operational by Q4 2016. WIN expects its vertically integrated device manufacturing will allow them to offer expertise in large-scale manufacturing, production efficiency, and technology.

WIN Semiconductors Corp. is attending the 2016 Optical Fiber Conference being held March 20-25 at the Anaheim Convention Center, Anaheim, California. During this conference, WIN’s sale representatives and technologists will give customers full details of their new optical device wafer foundry services.