WIN Semiconductor Releases New GaAs pHEMT Technology

WIN Semiconductors Corp of Taoyuan, Taiwan, a pure-play compound semiconductor foundry, has released a new GaAs pHEMT technology which incorporates monolithic PIN and vertical Schottky diodes with WIN’s high performance 0.1µm pseudomorphic HEMT process, PP10. According to the company, this integrated platform, PIH0-03, adds a highly linear vertical Schottky diode with cut-off frequency over 600GHz, as well as multi-function PIN diodes. Moreover, the company claims that the device accomplishes this while preserving the state-of-the-art mmWave performance of the PP10 technology.

The company says that the device’s combination of monolithic PIN and Schottky diodes with a high-performance mmWave transistor enables on-chip integration of an extensive range of functions, including mixers, temperature/power detecting, limiters, and high-frequency switching, and supports power, low noise, and optical applications through100 GHz.

In addition to high-frequency switching, the monolithic PIN diodes can be employed as an on-chip power limiter to protect sensitive LNAs in phased array radars and for low parasitic capacitance ESD protection circuits. WIN also says that the device’s vertical Schottky diodes enable numerous detecting and mixing functions, and these can be combined with the PIN diodes in various limiter applications.

“Today’s complex systems and highly competitive markets require increased mmWave performance and more functionality per chip. The PIH0-03 platform is the latest example of how WIN Semiconductors is addressing these critical market needs by offering high-performance GaAs technologies with new levels of multifunction integration, ” said David Danzilio, senior vice president of WIN Semiconductors Corp.