VPEC Selects LayTec In-Situ Metrology Systems for VCSEL Production

LayTec reported that Taiwan-based Visual Photonics Epitaxy Co. Ltd. (VPEC) has selected LayTec’s in-situ metrology products for its VCSEL production. According to LayTec, its dedicated VCSEL Add-On to the company’s EpiTT and EpiCurve® TT systems offers additional in-situ spectral reflectance sensing. Also, LayTec says that the Add-On’s wavelength range can be customized for GaAs-based and InP-based NIR / IR VCSEL processes.

VCSEL Add-On Upgrades Existing LayTec EpiTT or EpiCurve® TT Systems

Furthermore, LayTec notes that the VCSEL Add-On can also serve as an upgrade to existing EpiTT or EpiCurve® TT systems. LayTec equips the Add-On with advanced real-time analysis algorithms it uses to monitor DBR stop-bands and cavity dip position during VCSEL epitaxy. The algorithms can also monitor EpiTT’s wafer temperature and growth rate, as well as EpiCurve® TT’s wafer bow measurements.

Neil Chen, VPEC, senior vice president, said, “VPEC has chosen LayTec’s market-leading in-situ process technology for VCSEL wafer manufacturing as an essential part for accomplishing our high standards in quality and yield. Combining existing control of wafer temperature, wafer bow and growth rates with the new spectral monitoring capabilities is a key for VCSEL foundries in terms of process transfer, rapid recipe changes and scaling up.”

Volker Blank, LayTec director of marketing and sales, said, “LayTec is honored that the globally leading GaAs foundry VPEC, with its high standard in the manufacturing of VCSEL wafers for 3D sensing, automotive and other application, chooses LayTec’s advanced inspection systems to deliver the highest quality. Tight process control is here the key to success.”