VENTURI Formula E Team Will Employ Rohm full SiC Power Modules in Electric Vehicle Racing Event

ROHM reported that the company provides the full SiC power modules to the VENTURI Formula E team in the FIA Formula E 2017–2018 (season four), a series of races for fully electric vehicles. Season four of this racing schedule starts with an event on December 2nd and 3rd in Hong Kong. The company says that the module will further improve the electric vehicle’s performance under racing conditions.

ROHM first served as VENTURI’s official technology partner in season 3, and it supplies the advanced silicon carbide (SiC) power devices used in the inverter, which makes up the core of the electric vehicle powertrain. In the second iteration of the SiC power devices from Rohm, the inverter for season four uses an embedded full SiC Power module that makes it 43% smaller and 6 kg lighter than the inverter for season two, the season before Rohm began supplying its inverter technology.

Venturi Electric Vehicle Inverter Comparison

Electric Vehicle Inverter Comparison


Electric Vehicle Racing Technology Improvements Expected to Translate to Developments for Consumer Electric Vehicles

Rohm contends that the improvements in Formula E technology are expected to result in developments for general-use electric vehicles. Although this motorsports event is only in its fourth year, already, automotive manufacturers from around the world participate and major automobile makers including those based in Japan have announced their intention to join the race.