Veeco to Work with Imec on GaN Power Electronics

Veeco Instruments Inc. of Plainview, New York USA, announced that it has signed a joint development project (JDP) agreement with imec, the nano-electronics research center based in Belgium.  The collaboration is expected to accelerate the development of highly-efficient, Gallium Nitride (GaN) based, power electronic devices. The power electronic devices will employ GaN Epi wafers created using Veeco’s Propel® Power GaN MOCVD system.

According to Veeco, Imec has already demonstrated significant gains in GaN layer uniformity and run-to-run repeatability with Veeco’s Propel system. Veeco says that Imec’s use of the Propel System results in significantly improved power device yields.  The single-wafer reactor incorporates Veeco’s TurboDisc® technology. Veeco claims that its TurboDisc technology offers superior run-to-run control, film uniformity and reduces defect levels compared to batch reactors.

The new Propel MOCVD system can deposit high-quality GaN films on six and eight-inch wafers.  Veeco based the single-wafer reactor on its TurboDisc® technology including the company’s new IsoFlange™ and SymmHeat™ technologies, which provide homogeneous laminar flow and create a uniform temperature profile across the entire wafer.  According to Veeco, customers can easily transfer processes from the K465i™ and MaxBright® systems to the Propel MOCVD platform.

“Within the framework of our industrial affiliation program on GaN-on-Si, Veeco and imec have collaborated over the last four years to improve the Epi quality of GaN layers deposited on silicon wafer substrates,” said Rudi Cartuyvels, senior vice president Smart Systems and Energy Technologies at imec.  “We have set very high GaN device yield and reliability targets for 2016 and we look forward to partnering with Veeco to achieve these targets.”

“We believe that the technology in our Propel single wafer system will enable imec to achieve their power device targets and help to bring these advanced devices to market faster,” Jim Jenson, senior vice president and general manager of Veeco MOCVD Operations, commented.