Veeco Installs 100th Automated MBE System at Silanna Semiconductor

Veeco Instruments Inc. reported that it completed the installation of its 100th automated GEN10™ Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) system last month at Silanna Semiconductor PTY Ltd. in Australia. The company also uses a Veeco Dual GEN200® MBE System for the fabrication of nitride compound semiconductor devices such as ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV-LEDs).

“Veeco has earned a reputation for consistently developing innovative and reliable MBE technology from research scale to production,” said Petar Atanackovic, Ph.D., chief scientist of Silanna Semiconductor PTY Ltd. “The flexibility and deposition capability of the GEN10 system will enable us to develop new materials at the atomic level allowing us to exploit new quantum properties. Veeco’s technology portfolio and leadership in MBE systems provides us with a clear path to easily scale to volume production in the future.”

Veeco GEN10 MBE System

Veeco GEN10 MBE System

Silanna Semiconductor Using GEN10 System for Oxide Research & Development

Silanna Semiconductor is utilizing the GEN10 system for advanced research and development (R&D) into using oxides for optoelectronic devices. Veeco points out that the GEN10 is built upon the the company’s almost 20 years of cumulative automation knowledge and expertise derived from the its established production MBE systems.

Veeco says that the system has been adopted by numerous universities, institutions and leading corporations for all major MBE applications. According to the company, these customers select the GEN10 because of its flexibility, which lets them configure the system based on their application needs.

“Silanna has achieved remarkable results on its previous MBE systems and Veeco is honored to celebrate this momentous accomplishment in our company history in partnership with Dr. Atanackovic and the Silanna team,” said Gerry Blumenstock, vice president and general manager, Veeco MBE Products. “As our customers explore novel materials and new applications, they can rely on Veeco to deliver innovative MBE systems, sources and components for use in complex R&D, as well as high-volume production environments.”