Veeco CNT (previously Ultratech) Ships 500th ALD System

At the ALD Conference 2017 in Denver, Colorado, Veeco announced that its recently acquired company Ultratech/Cambridge Nanotech (now known as Veeco CNT), has shipped its 500th Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) system to North Carolina State University. At the end of May 2017, Veeco acquired Ultratech, Inc., a supplier of inspection, lithography, laser-processing, and atomic layer deposition (ALD) systems.  Over the past 15 years, Veeco CNT (previously known as Ultratech) has become a supplier of ALD systems for a wide variety of university R&D and commercial applications including energy, optical, biomedical, and electronics.

North Carolina State University to Get Veeco CNT Fiji® G2TM ALD System

According to Veeco, the Veeco CNT Fiji® G2TM ALD System will empower the University to perform a range of research applications for next generation electronic devices, such as high-performance sensors and wearables.

Bongmook Lee, Ph.D., research assistant professor of the NSF NERC ASSIST Center at North Carolina State University said, “This ALD tool enables advances in our research for high-performance CMOS, non-volatile memory, next-generation wide bandgap power devices, and environmental and physiological sensors. We selected the Veeco CNT Fiji G2 for its demonstrated ability to reliably deposit the most challenging oxide and nitride thin films.”

The Veeco CNT Fiji G2 ALD System, an advanced thin film next-generation ALD system, can perform thermal and plasma-enhanced deposition using a flexible and modular, high-vacuum architecture that supports a broad range of deposition modes that employ multiple configurations of plasma gases and precursors. Veeco says that the system’s interface allows customers to easily monitor and change processes and recipes as needed.

Ganesh Sundaram, Ph.D., vice president of Applied Technology, Veeco CNT commented, “Now, with the backing of Veeco, we will continue our legacy to build and enhance the deployment of ALD technology, helping customers like North Carolina State University develop next generation electronic devices.”

Veeco CNT served as a platinum sponsor of the 17th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2017) that took place in Denver  July 15-18.