Veeco Announces Plans for Bangalore, India Nano Research Facility and Wins an Award

While Veeco Instruments of Woodbury, New York is noted in the compound semi industry for their MOCVD and MBE equipment offerings, the company continues to make strides in the field of nanotechnology. Veeco most recently announced their plan to establish a nanotechnology
center in Bangalore, India. According to Veeco, Bangalore, India was chosen as
a location because of the nanotechnology research taking place and the chance
to work directly with the university called, Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced
Scientific Research (JNCASR). According to the company, the facility will be staffed
with local scientists and engineers. The staff will have access to Veeco’s
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM), Scanning Tunneling Microscope (STM) products, and
other advanced nanotechnology application modules. The facility to be called the
‘Veeco-India Nanotechnology Laboratory’ will be jointly operated with
the JNCASR. The JNC promotes scientific research in interdisciplinary areas of
science and engineering.
John Bulman, Veeco’s executive vice president of worldwide sales and foreign
operations, commented, “Now researchers and scientists in India will
have access to state-of-the-art Veeco products. We continue to see nanotechnology
as a strong growth opportunity for Veeco, given the continued government spending
around the globe.”

Professor C.N.R. Rao, Honorary President of the JNCASR, explained the importance
of nanotechnology research in India. “Nanotechnology and nanoscience
are important opportunities for India. The Indian government has made major
allocations for nanotechnology between 2002 and 2007. A nanoscience initiative
of the Department of Science and Technology (Government of India) that began
in 2003 has identified and is working with more than 30 R&D institutions
to identify prospective nanotechnology products that can be commercialized.
Having access to the appropriate state-of-the-art instruments is critical to
future nanotechnology developments in India.”
Michael Weiss, Veeco’s Vice President and General Manager for Asia, and professor
Rao will oversee the Veeco-India Nanotechnology Laboratory. Mr. C. Venkatram
Dattu has been appointed as the local Veeco manager responsible for day-to-day
activities of the lab. Professor G.U. Kulkarni of JNCASR will function as an

In other Veeco news, the company was again won the R&D 100 award from Research
And Development Magazine for being among the top 100 commercial products exhibiting
technical excellence to be introduced in the past year. The award was given
for new technique enabling high-resolution, interferometer measurement through
glass and other transparent media. The technique allows optical profiling, a
non-contact 3D measurement of surface topography through a clear material. According
to Veeco, the technique can characterize samples through protective packaging,
environmental chamber windows, fluid cells or other transparent media, which
until now was not possible.