Umicore Metal Organic Precursor Production Plant Opens

Umicore’s Precious Metals Chemistry business unit ofHanau, Germany opened its new production plant for advanced metal organic precursor technologies used in the semiconductor and LED markets. The precursor used in semiconductors is TMGa (Trimethylgallium) while the one used for the fabrication of LEDs is TEGa (Triethylgallium).

Local and regional politicians, as well as the company’s European and overseas customers, attended the precursor plant launch. Dr. Barbara Hendricks, Germanys Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety was the guest of honor.

Umicore asserts that its TMGa manufacturing process provides a more sustainable and ecological production method. The process reportedly achieves this sustainability through minimizing hazardous side streams and material losses and optimizing yield to almost 100%.

Dr. Lothar Mussmann, vice-president of Umicore Precious Metals Chemistry, said, “I am proud that this patented innovation has now become a world-class and industrial scale manufacturing plant. It will provide benefits for our customers and the environment and underlines Umicore’s position as a pioneer in sustainable technologies.”