Ultratech Files Patent Infringement and Trade Secret Claims Against Ensure NanoTech and its President

Ultratech, Inc. of San Jose, California USA, a  supplier of lithography, laser-processing and inspection systems, has filed a lawsuit in federal court in the Northern District of California. The lawsuit is against Ensure NanoTech Inc. of Beijing, China, its United States subsidiary (Ensure), and company president Dongjun Wang.

The complaint alleges that Dongjun Wang was President of Start Science (Beijing) Co., Ltd., a company that was formerly a sales agent in China for Ultratech/Cambridge NanoTech. The complaint further alleges that Dongjun Wang and his company Ensure now manufacture and sell atomic layer deposition (ALD) equipment that infringes Ultratech’s United States Patent No. 8,202,575.  The complaint also alleges that Ensure and Dongjung Wang misappropriated trade secrets from Ultratech’s  ALD systems, unfairly competed with Ultratech, and breached the terms of the sales agency agreement with Ultratech/Cambridge NanoTech. The complaint seeks an injunction and an award of enhanced damages.

ALD provides coatings and material features with significant advantages compared to other existing techniques for depositing precise nanometer-thin films. 

Ultratech Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Arthur W. Zafiropoulo stated, “Ultratech places a heavy emphasis in research and development to provide the next-generation of ALD solutions. With this lawsuit, Ultratech seeks to protect its investments and customers from unauthorized use of its intellectual property.”