U.S. Army Selects Kopin’s CyberDisplay for Inclusion in Raytheon’s LTWS Integration

Kopin Corporation, headquartered in Taunton, Massachusetts USA, recently announced
that its industrial grade CyberDisplay 640M subsystem was selected for the integrated
product test version of the Light Thermal Weapon Sight (LTWS) manufactured by
Raytheon Company. According to Kopin, the especially rugged 640M has been functionally
integrated into the LTWS. Performance and reliability in the LTWS system will
be proven through a series of integrated product tests in the second half of
2001. Developed for M-16 and M-4 rifles under the Thermal Omnibus Program, the
LTWS is specifically designed to provide combat soldiers the ability to detect
and identify targets in day or night conditions. The combination of Kopin’s
CyberDisplay 640M and Raytheon’s focal plane array (FPA) provides a high-quality
video-like image of the thermal scene allowing soldiers to increase their situational
awareness and conduct surveillance or fire control under a variety of battlefield
conditions including dust, smoke and fog. Production orders for the LTWS are
expected to begin in early 2002 for domestic orders, with international opportunities
to be developed. The LTWS is designed and manufactured by Raytheon’s Tactical
Systems business unit in Dallas, Texas, USA. Details on the specifics of the
subsystems and their applications are included in Kopin’s Press