TSMC Solar Achieves 16.5 % Efficiency with Commercial-Size (1.09m2) CIGs Module

TSMC Solar Ltd. of Taiwan, reported that testing firm TUV SUD confirmed that its latest commercial-sized (1.09 m2) CIGS champion C2 module achieved 16.5% module total area efficiency. The new record improves on TSMC Solar’s previous record of 15.7% set in 2013. The company produced the module with its current manufacturing equipment and materials at its production facility in Taichung, Taiwan.

“We continue to prove our ability to develop record-setting process improvements in full-size modules. By bringing past innovations to mass production, our current production line efficiency has improved to an average 14.7% module efficiency,” said Chia-Hsiang Chen, President of TSMC Solar.

TSMC Solar also introduced its new TS-CIGS Series Model C2 HV module. The C2 HV module has nameplate power from 150W — 165W. UL Certified for 1000 volt system operation, the modules have a double-glass design, and TSMC produced them entirely with electroluminescence (EL) quality screening.

“Our tariff-free Model C2 HV modules are designed for the North America MW-scale market, delivering high energy yield, low system costs and high reliability,” said Marc Spaulding, TSMC Solar worldwide sales & marketing VP.