TRW Scores Key DoD Contracts

One of the things the compound semi industry does best is provide components
for highly sophisticated warfare. And, as predicted, TRW is scoring major DoD
contracts during these times of stepped-up electronic saber-rattling. Compound
semi-based components are sure to be in on the act. On Oct. 31 TRW announced
it will provide the integrated communications, navigation and identification
(CNI) avionics to Lockheed Martin in support of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF)
program, as a result of the October 26 Pentagon decision to advance the JSF
program to the system development and demonstration phase. "We anticipate
the integrated CNI requirements for JSF will be worth $4 billion to $5 billion,
excluding foreign market sales, over the anticipated life of the program
says Tim Hannemann, President and CEO, TRW Space & Electronics. TRW’s integrated
CNI avionics is a sophisticated array of sensors, navigation aids and communications
systems that greatly reduce pilot workload. Since 1982, TRW has been awarded
every U.S. contract that calls for integrated CNI avionics. Press
. Further… TRW Inc. has been awarded a two-year, $86 million contract
to provide test, evaluation and analysis support for the Joint Interoperability
Test Command (JITC). The contract carries three options that, if exercised,
could increase the contract value to $352 million over the next eight years.
The JITC is a subordinate command of the Defense Information Systems Agency
and serves as an information systems evaluator with a primary focus on interoperability
testing and certification. Essentially, the JITC reduces risk to the warfighter
by conducting operational assessments to identify and solve deficiencies throughout
the military’s command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance
and reconnaissance systems (C4ISR). TRW will support the JITC in its mission
to conduct developmental, operational, interoperability and standards conformance
testing on various C4I information systems, as well as developing software tools
and architectures to support testing and evaluation efforts. Press