Toyoda Gosei Achieves High Current, Low Loss Operation of GaN Power Semiconductors

Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd., headquartered in Kiyosu, Japan, has achieved high current operation in a vertical GaN power semiconductor developed using gallium nitride (GaN). GaN is the primary material of blue LEDs. Adapters and power sources for electronic devices use such power semiconductors. However, due to its material properties, engineers have had a difficult time making a conventional silicon power device with a combination of both high breakdown voltage and low loss (low conduction and switching losses).

Toyoda Gosei New GaN Power Semiconductors

Toyoda Gosei -- GaN power semiconductors

In its new power semiconductors, Toyoda Gosei employs GaN, which features a high breakdown voltage and low loss. The GaN power semiconductor uses a vertical device structure in which electrical current flows vertically either from or to a substrate.

Toyoda Gosei says that the design has enabled a GaN power transistor chip with an operating current of above 50A, claiming that this operating current is the highest ever reported for vertical GaN transistors. The device operates at high-frequency (several megahertz). Some prospective applications include compact and lighter weight power converters, higher efficiency power control units and DC-DC converters, high-frequency power sources, and high output wireless power supplies.

Toyoda Gosei will present the newly developed vertical GaN power transistors (MOSFET) and Schottky barrier diodes on panel displays at the Techno-Frontier 2018 Advanced Electronic & Mechatronic Devices and Components Exhibition, held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, Japan from April 18 to April 20.  The company also will demonstrate what it claims to be the world’s first full vertical-GaN DC-DC converter equipped with these devices.