TowerJazz RF Semiconductor Components Fill Need for Radar and Wireless Connectivity in Automotive Market

TowerJazz of Migdal Haemek, Isreal reported that its analog specialty RF and high-performance analog (HPA) manufacturing processes now address the rising demand for analog semiconductors in the fast-growing automotive market. According to TowerJazz, its RF and HPA related semiconductor components can be utilized in advanced driver assistance and autonomous driving systems. TowerJazz says that it developed these technology solutions through a combination of close partnerships and roadmap alignment with market leaders. Additional input for these technology solutions came from global customer support.

TowerJazz to Supply RF Components for Automotive Radar and Wireless Connectivity in Automobiles

RF for automotive applications fits into two primary categories: wireless connectivity and automotive radar. The company says that many of today’s premium and mid-range vehicles feature automotive radar systems. These radar systems perform safety and driver assistance tasks including parking assist, lane departure warnings, forward collision avoidance/warning, and blind spot detection.

TowerJazz insists that wireless connectivity in automobiles will expand rapidly with the number of connected cars projected to quadruple over the next five years. The company also points out that with the expanding adoption of ADAS and the eventual migration to fully autonomous vehicles, each car may incorporate as many as seven to twelve radar systems.

TowerJazz contends that its SiGe Terabit Platform is ideally suited for automotive radar systems because the application requires high performance at high frequencies (24-26GHz for short-range and 76-81GHz for long range).

“As we look forward, we see the proliferation of IoT devices, the advent of 5G cellular service and the promise of autonomous vehicles augmenting our RF business with additional exciting opportunities for growth and we are investing heavily in technologies that provide our customers a strong advantage in these new areas,” commented Dr. Marco Racanelli, Senior Vice President & General Manager of RF/High Performance Analog Business Group, TowerJazz.