Toshiba Adds 60V and 100V Power MOSFETs

Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. (TAEC) reported added the 60V SSM3K341R and the 100V SSM3K361R to its list of automotive N-channel power metal-organic semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs). The new MOSFETS feature small SOT-23F packages and boast low on-resistance. Toshiba says that the Power MOSFETS are suited to load switching in LED driver applications, including headlights and LED TV backlights as well as automotive dashboard meters.

Also, Toshiba points out that the growing market for power-saving LEDs has led to the increased use of N-channel MOSFETs to serve as switches for LED drivers.

Toshiba says its SSM3K341R and SSM3K361R MOSFETs offer the superior on-resistance ratings (@VGS=4.5V) of 36mΩ and 65mΩ, respectively. Additionally, both devices can operate at up to a maximum channel temperature of 175°C. This high, maximum channel temperature enables their use in a broad range of automotive and industrial applications.

Two New MOSFETS Reduce Heat Dissipation from Turn-on Loss by 65%

According to Toshiba, the SSM3K341R and SSM3K361R reduce heat dissipation from turn-on loss by about 65 percent when compared to previous products. Furthermore, the new MOSFET’s small package size maintains the same level of heat dissipation while reducing the overall footprint by about 64 percent compared to a conventional SOT-89 package.

Both MOSFETs are AEC-Q101 qualified for automotive applications.

Toshiba has also launched four new MOSFETs with even smaller package sizes. The SSM6K361NU and SSM6K341NU employ the SOT-1220 package; while the SSM3K361TU and SSM3K341TU feature UFM (2.0×2.1mm) packages. These MOSFETs reportedly deliver the same low on-resistance as the SSM3K361R and SSM3K341R, while reducing the package mounting area by 40 and 43 percent, respectively.