Thorlabs Launches High-Speed Optoelectronics Business Unit

Thorlabs of Newton, New Jersey USA, announced an initiative to start a business unit called Thorlabs Ultrafast Optoelectronics (Thorlabs-UFO). The business team will address the need for high-speed optoelectronics with at up to 100 GHz bandwidth for applications outside of the traditional telecommunications business. The business plans to release a series of new products that ranging from basic components to instrumentation consistent Thorlab’s expanding portfolio of Photonic Tools. Thorlabs located the new venture in Ann Arbor, Michigan’s vibrant photonics community. Michigan is also home to a new state-sponsored Photonics Cluster of 30 companies and educational institutions called Mi-Light. Mi=Light is an effort to enhance the photonics industry in Michigan in conjunction with national photonics initiatives.

Thorlabs-UFO seeks to design, develop, and manufacture advanced photonics and optoelectronics products and systems, and plans to leverage customer insights and the technical expertise that already exists in it ultrafast laser, optomechanical, semiconductor, and imaging system product development areas. This expertise and insight will go into developing a high-speed product line targeting the market’s specific needs and supporting R&D of other Thorlabs’ business units.

“Our initial efforts will be in the area of ultrafast optoelectronic components such as lasers, modulators, and subsystems,” said Janis Valdmanis, general manager of the Michigan operation. “Ultimately, our research and development efforts here at Thorlabs Ultrafast Optoelectronics will also serve to complement and advance Thorlabs’ other initiatives in ultrafast and high-power lasers, optical & fiber optic instrumentation, and life science products.”