The USA’s Roadmap Gets Back on Track

When your roadmap goes offline for a few months, do people lose ‘site’ of your
presence? Worse… do they start to actually get lost? Not in the compounds.
Loyal site visitors just patiently wait until your procurement office gets around
to OKing a transfer and hauling out the entire hard disk from your original
contractor and getting it up and running on the next server. This is precisely
what happened to the USA’s Department of Defense National Compound Semiconductor
Roadmap (NCSR). This particular industry
roadmap, which is heavy on the wide bandgap semiconductors such as SiC and GaN,
is the brainchild of Colin Wood of the DoD’s Office of Naval Research (ONR).
The day to day development and operation of the NCSR is under the supervision
of former Naval aviator Mike Tinston, who is now with SAIC. So for those of
you already familiar with the NCSR, it has been officially transferred to an
ONR web server and is back on line with a more simple address this time: www.onr.navy.mil/ncsr.
Mike can now be reached directly at tel: +1 703-814-7765 and by emailing either
or michael_tinston@onr.navy.mil.
For those of you who are not familiar with the NCSR, go visit soon and start
navigating your way around! It’s an extremely helpful site to those ciphering
what’s really going on behind the compound semi scene.

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