The Optoelectronics Company Debuts Green Laser Diode Modules

The Optoelectronics Company has introduced a range of direct emission 520 nm laser diode modules. The Optoelectronics Company says it direct emission green diode lasers offer a low cost, efficient, and thermally stable alternative to diode-pumped solid state (DPSS) green laser modules. DPSS modules can produce green light through doubling the frequency of an infrared laser. However direct emission green laser diode modules are a more robust solution that can operate at a wide range of temperatures while delivering high beam quality. According to the company, its direct emission green laser diode modules are robust, small, and offer power stability between -10 degrees C and +50 degrees C..

Green light appears brighter to the eye than red light because the human eye is more sensitive to it. So, green lasers are ideal for outdoor applications such as rangefinders and distance meters used by builders and surveyors. At 520nm, Optoelectronic Company’s green laser diode modules produce an elliptical beam with high output stability with optical output powers of up to 35 mW. They have an operating voltage of 9V DC. The 53 mm long and 12 mm diameter modules are housed in anodized aluminum and can produce 35mW output operating at a typical 140mA.