Tektronix Debuts S540 Power Semiconductor Test System

Tektronix of Beaverton, Oregon USA, debuted the Keithley S540 Power Semiconductor Test System. The S540 Power Semiconductor Test System is a fully-automated, 48 pin parametric test system that performs wafer-level testing of power semiconductor devices and structures up to 3kV.

Tektronix optimized the measurement system for use with the latest compound power semiconductor materials including silicon carbide (SiC) and gallium nitride (GaN). According to Tektronix, a single probe touch-down allows the fully integrated system to perform all high voltage, low voltage, and capacitance tests.

Keithley S540 Power Semiconductor Test System from Tektronix

Keithley S540 Power Semiconductor Test System from Tektronix

The company points out that as demand for power semiconductor devices continues increasing and as GaN and SiC are becoming more commercialized, manufacturers are employing wafer-level testing in their production processes to optimize yields and improve profitability.  Tektronix claims that for these applications, the S540 can lower the cost of ownership. The company says that the lower cost of ownership results from minimizing test time, test set-up time, and floor space.

Furthermore, Tektronix asserts that the S540 achieves the high voltage measurement performance of a lab. To deliver production-level performance, the system can conduct parametric measurements on up to 48 pins without changing probe card infrastructure or cables. The system can also perform transistor capacitance measurements such as Coss, Ciss, and Crss up to 3kV, again without manual test pin reconfiguration. Also, the measurement system boasts sub-pA measurement performance and can perform fully automated, high voltage leakage current tests in <1 sec.

Tektronix makes the S540 a standard commercial product with a fully traceable system specifications, diagnostics, safety compliance. The company offers and worldwide service and support. The system works with both low- and high-voltage switching matrices, cabling, probe card adapters, prober drivers, and test software and can integrate with leading semiconductor test instrumentation.

The Keithley S540 is available for order now with delivery beginning in March 2017.