Taiwan Foundry VPEC Increases Production Capacities with Aixtron Technology

Taiwan-based foundry Visual Photonics Epitaxy Co. Ltd. (VPEC), a long-standing Aixtron SE customer primarily specializing in solutions for wireless and optical device epi wafers, intends to ramp-up its epitaxy production with the addition of multiple Aixtron AIX 2800G4 MOCVD cluster systems. Aixtron reported that VPEC has ordered the 2800G4 MOCVD systems for this purpose, and VPEC indicated that it plans to use the MOCVD cluster systems to meet the growing demand for various photonic and electronic applications.

AIX 2800 G4 Serves as Reference Tool for Laser Diode Fabrication

Aixtron says it will deliver all AIX 2800G4 reactors in an 8×6-inch wafer configuration that maximizes yield while boasting the highest quality level available. The company notes that the AIX 2800G4 serves as the tool of reference for the fabrication of diode lasers, including EEL (edge emitting lasers) and VCSELs (vertical cavity edge emitting lasers). The system can reportedly provide high-volume manufacturing using the automated Aixtron Planetary batch reactor concept.

Neil Chen, senior vice president of VPEC, commented, “Aixtron is the leading provider of high-volume manufacturing equipment for arsenide phosphide (AsP) based materials. As a proven tool for high-volume production in the area of photonic applications, the AIX 2800G4 system delivers exactly the outstanding uniformity and reproducibility, but also flexibility and versatility that we require as an epi foundry to serve the needs of our demanding customers.”

“Driven by the growing number of applications and the continuing penetration of high-end communication technology, the demand for arsenide phosphide-based optoelectronic devices such as VCSELs or datacom lasers is expected to increase further. Based on a longstanding and trustful relationship with VPEC, we are looking forward to support the growth of one of the leading epi foundries in Asia,” said Dr. Bernd Schulte, president of AIXTRON SE.