SUNY Poly Researchers Awarded Two Nanoscience and Nanoengineering Grants Totalling $330,000

SUNY Polytechnic Institute (SUNY Poly) in Albany, New York USA, reported that two professors were awarded a total of $330,000 funding from two separate nanoscience and nanoengineering-focused grants.

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) awarded the professor of Nanoscience, Dr. Serge Oktyabrsky $200,000 for research attempting to demonstrate a novel type of scintillation (light flash) detector. The detector based on quantum dots can measure light flashes with unprecedented speed and yield.

This enhanced sensitivity and speed are critical for several of the DOE’s areas of research into high energy physics and quantum particles. Such technology has potential applications in medicine and nuclear security,

In another award, the National Science Foundation (NSF) — Directorate of Engineering awarded assistant professor of Nanoengineering Dr. Spyros Gallis (Spyridon Galis) $130,000 for research into new silicon carbide photonic nanostructures with added erbium ions for making high-temperature CMOS-compatible quantum emitters at telecommunications wavelengths.

The silicon carbide photonic nanostructures can control and amplify the emission from erbium ions at telecommunication wavelengths. Such technology can improve light-based devices, and it has applications in areas including biological imaging and sensing, quantum storage of single-photons, and long-distance quantum communications.

Both research projects will give SUNY Poly students hands-on learning opportunities.

In Dr. Oktyabrsky’s lab, a graduate student will construct the light flash (scintillation) detector and complete its initial testing, with support from two SUNY Poly staff scientists.

Also, Dr. Gallis’ research project will give both undergraduate and graduate students as well as summer interns at SUNY Poly, first-hand laboratory experience. They will use numerical calculations to simulate the behavior of erbium emissions in the photonic nanostructures.

SUNY Poly Interim Provost Dr. Steven Schneider commented, “The DOE and NSF grants will allow SUNY Poly students to take an active, hands-on role in these important areas of research, and I congratulate Drs. Oktyabrsky and Gallis on this news.”