Sumitomo Electric Develops High-Efficiency Broadband Power Amplifier

Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. has developed an efficient
broadband power amplifier to be used in a cellular phone base
station. It Conforms to the next generation mobile communication
standard LTE-Advanced. The amplifier covers a wide radio frequency
(RF) bandwidth of 2.6 GHz at low power consumption.
Using this
technology, Sumitomo Electric reportedly continues to work for the
promotion of even higher frequency (over 3.5 GHz), wider band, and
lower power consumption.

The company is also working on the development of a mass production
technology for this amplifier with the aim of installing it in a
remote radio head (RRH), a wireless transceiver unit that Sumitomo
Electric manufactures for use in a cellular phone base station.

The power amplifier boasts power efficiency of 53 percent or more at
a wide band of over 100 MHz. Its component cost  is reportedly
equivalent to that of a conventional Doherty amplifier. The power
amplifier can be used for broadband wireless communication systems
such as LTE and LTE-Advanced

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