ST Microelectronics Introduces 2.6A Driver for Brushed DC Motors

ST Microelectronics of Geneva, Switzerland has released the new STSPIN250 single-chip 2.6A driver for brushed DC motors. The 2.6 A driver adds to the company’s family of miniature, low-voltage, energy-efficient drivers for battery-powered portable and wearable applications. It integrates a fixed off-time PWM current controller and a full power-MOSFET bridge in a minuscule 3mm x 3mm package.

ST Microelectronics-2.6A driver for battery-powered, brushless motors

According to ST Micro, the low on-resistance of the power stage (200mΩ total, high-side + low-side) and the extremely efficient current-sipping standby mode of below 80nA help maximize battery runtime and keep equipment-case temperatures down. Also, the driver’s supply-voltage range of 10V down to just 1.8V lets designers designate a power source as small as a single Li-ion cell.

Suitable for Low to Medium Power Applications

The STSPIN250’s high output-current capability makes it suitable in low-to-medium-power applications.
Such applications include POS terminals, portable printers, consumer devices, door lockers, electronic valves, toys, and medical or wellness devices ranging from syringe pumps to electric toothbrushes.
Built-in protection features include short-circuit protection, Under-Voltage Lockout (UVLO), non-dissipative over-current protection, and thermal shutdown.

Joins STSPIN Driver Family

The STSPIN250 joins the three other monolithic, low-voltage drivers that the company introduced last year for portable and battery-powered applications, STSPIN240 for brushed DC motors up to 1.3A, STSPIN230 for three-phase brushless motors, and the STSPIN220 for stepper motors.
The company contends that the family of drivers contributes to the widespread adoption of battery-powered IoT devices.
The STSPIN250 is in production now in a VQFPN package and is priced $0.75 for orders of 1000 pieces.