SPTS Gets Orders for Multiple Etch and Deposition Systems From GaAs Foundry Customers

SPTS Technologies, an Orbotech company based in Yavne, Israel, received about $37M in orders for multiple etch and deposition systems from two GaAs foundry customers. The customers who ordered the Omega® plasma etch, Delta® PECVD, and Sigma® PVD systems intend to use them to fabricate 4G and emerging 5G radio frequency (RF) devices for wireless infrastructure and mobile device markets. The company expects to deliver the systems during the first quarter and second quarters of 2018.

SPTS Says PAs are Critical RF Components

SPTS notes that power amplifiers (PAs) are among the most critical RF components in mobile communications and virtually all PAs in modern smartphones utilize GaAs semiconductors.

Kevin Crofton, Corporate executive vice president at Orbotech and president of SPTS Technologies commented, “RF devices are entering another exciting phase of growth with the proliferation of 4G mobile communications and preparation for 5G. IDMs and foundries are looking to add capacity to existing fabs to meet the growing demand, while new entrants are establishing new lines to address future demand for the 5G rollout. Our lead customer has been at the forefront of GaAs foundry services for almost two decades, and their repeat orders are a testament to the production advantages that our etch and deposition solutions continue to deliver to their core business.”