Solyndra to Provide 16.2 MW of PV Systems to Southern California Edison

Solyndra, Inc., of Fremont, California USA, a manufacturer of CIGs-based cylindrical solar photovoltaic (PV) systems, reports that has been awarded 20 year power purchase agreements to supply Southern California Edison. Solyndra’s wholly-owned subsidiary which received the power purchase agreement, Photon Solar LLC.,
will provide the renewable electricity from 16.2 megawatts (MW) of rooftop photovoltaic solar systems on 18 rooftops.

Corby Whitaker, Solyndra’s vice president of North America Sales stated, “Rooftop solar takes advantage of unutilized space to generate energy right where it is needed, eliminating the need for costly transmission lines and extensive environmental impact testing and permitting.”

Photon Solar LLC plans to complete construction of the 18 rooftop systems comprising the 16.2 MW project during 2011.