Solliance Used Roll-to-Roll Process to Fabricate Perovskite Solar Cell with 12.6 Conversion Efficiency

Solliance of Eindhoven, the Netherlands reported the achievement of 12.6 percent conversion efficiency for a Perovskite solar cell fabricated with a roll-to-roll process. The company worked with its partners VDL Enabling Technologies Group (VDL ETG), Smit Thermal Solutions, and Bosch-Rexroth to develop the roll-to-roll (R2R) process. Solliance and its partners developed the process for both the electron transport and the Perovskite layers on the new Solliance dual R2R coating line.

Solliance sets world record for roll-to-roll produced perovskite-based solar cells with a stabilized efficiency of 12,6%

Under ambient conditions, the company performed the in-line roll-to-roll processes of coating, drying, and annealing at a linear speed of 5 m/min on a 30-cm wide commercial PET/ITO foil. Then, the company completed the record cell with a newly developed off-line single device finishing step.

According to Solliance individual Perovskite solar cells of 0.1cm2 achieved efficiencies of up to 12.6%, measured during a five-minute period under maximum power point tracking conditions. Furthermore, Solliance says it performed all the process steps on the roll-to-roll line using low-cost materials with process temperatures below 120 ⁰C.

The VDL ETG consortium of equipment manufacturing companies designed and built the R2R coating line.

VDL’s CEO Willem van der Leegte commented, “I am very pleased with this result.  It shows that combining process know-how at Solliance with capabilities of high-tech equipment companies in this region can deliver very powerful results that potentially open up completely new business opportunities.”
Richard Caldwell, Dyesol managing director, said, “We are committed to developing the industry standard for R2R Perovskite Solar Cell (PSC) PV manufacturing in conjunction with Solliance, and this result is an important step along this route.”

The current world record efficiency of a small lab scale produced perovskite-based PV cell stands at 22.1%. The challenge, according to Ronn Andriessen, Program Director at Solliance is to scale up the Perovskite solar cells to a larger size and make them reliable with even higher efficiency.