Solar Market Revenues Set to Blast Off With Help From Earthbound Solar Cells

In this column our News Editor, Scott McMahan will discuss the latest developments and outlook for the solar cell market…

Increasing oil prices around the world have naturally led governments and consumers
to seek alternative sources of energy. One of the most promising alternative
energy sources is the extended utilization of compound semi-based (CS) solar cells for terrestrial applications. Recent advances in the efficiency and
manufacturing technology as well as a number of key market conditions have put
the market on a rocket launch pad ready for take off with a few key companies
at the helm.

Spire Corporation, a provider of solar cell module manufacturing equipment,
announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, Bandwidth Semiconductor, would begin
offering customized gallium arsenide (GaAs) solar concentrator cells. The customization
options include: operating temperature, cell size, and concentration. Unlike
traditional solar cells, concentrator cells use lenses and optics to

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