Solar Junction and IQE to Develop Satellite III-V Cells

Solar Junction, based in San Jose, California, a developer of multi-junction
concentrator photovoltaic cells is reportedly contract negotiations with IQE.
IQE is a supplier of semiconductor wafers for next-generation satellite solar
cells for the European Space Agency. Back in October of 2012, Solar Junction
achieved 44 percent efficiency at 942 suns employing the company’s
Adjustable Spectrum Lattice Matched (A-SLAM) architecture. A-SLAM provides
material bandgap tuneability to maximize the absorbed sunlight within CPV
modules. This results in increased efficiency and energy harvested.
Additionally, A-SLAM maintains the lattice-matched paradigm, which has been the
foundation of semiconductor and multi-junction solar cell reliability for

“Solar Junction and IQE have been working closely for the past year as
strategic manufacturing partners of the world’s most efficient multi-junction
solar cells. Our dilute nitride technology and high-efficiency roadmap is a
proven and sustainable pathway for present and future space and terrestrial
applications. Winning this contract proves that we’re on-track. We’re proud to
be the best solution for the European Space Agency,”
stated Jim Weldon,
CEO of Solar Junction.