Smart Photonics Releases Compact Model Library for InP Integrated Photonics Platform

Smart Photonics of Eindhoven, the Netherlands, announced the availability of a new compact model library (CML) for their InP integrated photonics platform and the associated process design kit (PDK). The model library emerged from Smart Photonics’ close collaboration with Lumerical. The CML reportedly lets circuit designers to reliably model performance and behavior of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) within Lumerical’s photonic integrated circuit simulator, Interconnect.

Smart Photonics says that the compact model library reduces costly design errors and accelerates time-to-market. Combined with Smart Photonics’ frequent MPW shuttle run, the company says that the model library gives designers a platform to prototype and improve new circuit designs quickly and efficiently.

The new CML includes more than twenty-five parametrized compact models, which Smart Photonics calibrated with a combination of experimental data and highly-accurate 3D physical simulations using Lumerical’s suite of component-level modeling tools.

Smart Photonics CML Features Passive and Active Devices

The library also features passive and active devices, such as photodetectors, phase modulators, and amplifiers, thus offering an extensive and flexible set of building blocks for creating complex PIC designs. The company says that each model in the library allows both time-domain and frequency circuit simulation, thereby giving designers with a comprehensive set of analysis tools to design PICs for any application.

Luc Augustin, CTO at Smart Photonics stated, “This CML is especially unique in its design, as it brings together simulated data from trusted tools and real, measured performance for increased reliability. PIC designers around the world will be able to confidently use a schematic driven layout flow for a pure-play InP PIC foundry.”

Dr. James Pond, CTO at Lumerical commented, “These accurate models are critical for PDK-driven design and enable engineers to focus on circuit performance rather than individual components.”

Dr. Luc Augustin Smart Photonics CTO will present a talk at PIC International at 11:35am on April the 11th.