Skyworks Purchases Remainder of Filter Joint Venture

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. has paid $76.5 million to acquire the remainder of its filter joint venture. With the purchase, Skyworks will get the remaining 34 percent of the joint venture that Skyworks does not already own. Skyworks began the filter joint venture with Panasonic in 2014.

The core of the joint venture was Panasonic’s engineering and process talent, expertise in advanced filter design, and 412 fundamental filter patents and patent applications for surface acoustic wave (SAW) and temperature compensated (TC) SAW devices.

In August 2015, Skyworks added a 405,000 square foot filter production and integration facility in Osaka. To date, the facility has produced more than two billion filters. The acquisition is not expected to impact Skyworks’ consolidated financial statements because the company has consolidated its finances since the date of the initial joint venture.

Liam K. Griffin, president and CEO of Skyworks commented, “Given the proliferation of frequency bands, the addition of LTE capabilities and market demand for always-on connectivity, the need for filters has never been higher. Our strategic investment uniquely enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions for some of the fastest growing and most demanding applications in the world requiring high-performance filter technology. Together with external partners, we are successfully addressing the low, mid and high band performance requirements across premium smartphones and IoT applications.”