Skyworks Debuts High-Power Bluetooth PA

Skyworks Solutions says it has introduced a new category of high-power Bluetooth® power amplifier (PA) solutions for Mobile Applications. The new category starts with the PA, SKY85018-11. Skyworks says that the product targets Wi-Fi enabled smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. The SKY85018-11 is a highly integrated device that Skyworks says is particularly suited for enhancing Bluetooth® connectivity ranges, which are required for music streaming.

Skyworks -- high-power Bluetooth PA -- SKY85018-11

Skyworks — high-power Bluetooth PA — SKY85018-11

The device features multiple output power ranges and a bypass mode ensure that SKY85018-11 is both flexible and reliable for high-performance devices. The power amplifier comes in a 1.5 x 1.5 mm package and can run directly off a battery, eliminating the need for an LDO voltage regulator  Also, the device features high output power of 23 dBm for basic data rates and 14 dBm for enhanced data rates. The data sheet can be found at: SKY85018-11: