Skyworks Front End Solutions Support Broadcom 5G WiFi Reference Designs

Skyworks Solutions, Inc. of Woburn, Massachusetts USA, announced that
Broadcom Corporation is leveraging its wireless connectivity front-end modules
(FEMs) in several of Broadcom’s 5G WiFi reference designs. Broadcom
claims that its 5G WiFi solutions enable some of the fastest download speeds
available in access points, routers, DSL/cable gateways, PCs, smartphones and
tablets. The 802.11ac (known as 5G WiFi) deployment will initially involve
smartphones and tablets with connected televisions, media players and other
devices to follow.

Skyworks’ complete 2.4 and 5 gigahertz (GHz) 802.11a/g/n/ac solutions
integrate the power amplifier, filter, power detector, transmit/receive (T/R)
switch, diplexer and associated matching in an very compact form factor. The
company says that these solutions delivering all the essential functionality
from the output of the SOC to the antenna.

Liam K. Griffin, executive vice president and corporate general manager at
Skyworks stated, “Broadcom and Skyworks have a long history of
partnering to deliver market leading solutions with performance and cost
advantages for both manufacturers and consumers. This engagement comes as
market demand for 5G WiFi is accelerating across developed and emerging

“With digital content consumption on the rise, particularly as
consumers watch video on more devices and in more places around the home,
Broadcom is closely collaborating with Skyworks to deliver solutions that offer
the industry’s fastest wireless speeds and enhance the overall user
said Dino Bekis, vice president, Marketing, Wireless
Connectivity at Broadcom.