Siltectra Awarded Three Patents Including One for SiC Processing

Siltectra--SiC wafer thinned with COLD SPLIT process

Siltectra GmbH of Dresden, Germany, reported that it has added three new patents to its global intellectual property portfolio. The first patent relates to new technical capabilities for the company’s COLD SPLIT laser process and extends the method to non-polymer applications. The second patent secures the company’s COLD SPLIT technology for all substrate materials.

The third patent extends the company’s silicon carbide (SiC) process capability to split materials with the sub-100-micron material loss. The company claims that this can be accomplished regardless of vendor-specific SiC crystal-growing processes.

Siltectra COLD SPLIT Technology Thins Wafers Below 100 Microns

Siltectra boasts that its IP portfolio now consists of 70 patent families with 200 patents in total. Combined the patents cover every innovation associated with the company’s laser-based wafer-thinning process. According to Siltectra, its COLD SPLIT technology in just minutes can thin wafers to 100 microns and below with utmost precision and almost no material loss.

Integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) who previously relied on grinding to thin their wafers can use Silectra’s Cold Split technology, the company says. In addition to being slower and less precise, Siltectra notes that the grinding process generates material loss that reduces overall yield.

In contrast, the company contends that COLD SPLIT offers a much faster laser-based thinning approach with higher yield and strong cost-of-ownership benefits.