Si2’s Compact Model Coalition (CMC) Approves GaN Simulation Standards

The Silicon Integration Initiative’s (Si2) Compact Model Coalition (CMC) has established and approved two integrated circuit design simulation standards aimed at the growing market for gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductors.

The approved standards are the 12th and 13th models that the coalition currently funds. The coalition operates as a collaborative group that develops and maintains cost-saving SPICE (Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis) models for IC design.

John Ellis, CMC president and CEO, noted that many high-power and high-frequency applications use GaN technology. These technologies include satellite communications, cellular, radar, broadband wireless systems, and automotive use gallium nitride devices.

“Although it’s currently a small market, gallium nitride devices are expected to show remarkable growth over the coming years,” Ellis said.

CMC GaN Simulation Standards to Reduce R&D Costs

The goal of the GaN simulation standards is to reduce research and developments costs and increase simulation accuracy. Hence, the semiconductor industry relies on the coalition to share resources for funding standard SPICE models. R&D joint venture, Si2 focuses on IC design and tool operability standards.

“Once the standard models are proven and accepted by CMC, they are incorporated into design tools widely used by the semiconductor industry. The equations at work in the standard model-setting process are developed, refined and maintained by leading universities and national laboratories. The CMC directs and funds the universities to standardize and improve the models,” Ellis explained.