Showa Denko to Acquire Nippon Steel’s SiC Related Assets

Showa Denko of Tokyo reported that the company is acquiring the assets of Nippon Steel related to sublimation recrystallization of silicon carbide (SiC) wafers for use in power semiconductors

The company began producing SiC wafers in 2005 and has since worked on improving their technology. The company says it currently produces a modest sell 3000 SiC wafers per month. However, Showa Denko says that the acquisition of the assets from Nippon Steel Steel Sumikin will help it to further enhance the quality of its SiC wafers.

Showa Denko, also says that as part of its medium-term management plan “Project 2020+”,  the company intends to target the SiC wafer market and hopes to establish a power semiconductor SiC business model with a competitive advantage to meet the future growth of the market that the company expects.