Showa Denko Qualifies Aixtron’s 8×150 mm Silicon Carbide Production System

Aixtron SE has reported that Japanese manufacturer, Showa Denko has qualified Aixtron’s new AIX G5 WW (Warm-Wall) system for production of silicon carbide epitaxial wafers.  The new AIX G5 WW (Warm-Wall) system can handle 8×150 mm and 12×100 mm SiC substrates. Aixtron claims it is currently the largest production system available on the market. Aixtron also asserts that the system enables the highest throughput and lowest running cost per wafer of any silicon carbide enabled epitaxial system on the market.

Showa Denko’s SiC epitaxy operation has one of the largest manufacturing capacities on the market, according to Aixtron.  Showa Denko began transitioning from 4-inch (100 mm) to 6-inch (150 mm) production in 2013 and is now expanding their 150 mm SiC epitaxial wafer production capacity with Aixtron equipment. The 150 mm SiC technology offer the potential for significantly lower production costs.

Aixtron’s Japanese service team qualified the AIX G5 WW system and met the tight time schedule of the customer: After installation in the first quarter of 2014, the equipment was released for production in the first half of April 2014. The SiC epitaxy requires on-wafer temperatures of up to 1600°C.  With Aixtron’s Planetary design, each individual wafer rotates under a horizontal laminar flow of precursors during the processing for what is said to be superior uniformity. This process method results in very precise process control of layer thickness and dopant uniformity with a very low SiC defect density that meets high production requirements.