SEMI China Creates Power and Compound Semiconductor Committee

SEMI China officially established a Power and Compound Semiconductors Committee and on July 28, 2015, held its first meeting in Shanghai. At the meeting, the group adopted the “SEMI Chinese Power and Compound Semiconductor Committee Charter” and selected Dr. Zhang Naiqian News Energy Ltd. Suzhou to serve as co-chair.

Global power and compound semiconductor companies (including Infineon and NXP) make up the Committee. Also the Committee includes the Chinese Academy of Sciences, three safety optoelectronics firms, firms in telecommunications energy semiconductors (PlayNitride, Cham Crystal Semiconductor, Silicon Cenda, CSR Electric, Silver Mao Microelectronics, Huahong Hong force, Tower Jazz, CNR), and electricity companies.

To help build a bridge between domestic and foreign enterprises the Committee intends to develop industry standards and to promote technology and the market with industrial policy advocacy. Dr. Zhang Naiqian shared the devices characteristics and advantages of GaN RF devices and power electronic devices as a “core” technology. Dr. Zhang said that the technology plays an important role in the future of GaN power electronics in computers, networking, mobile communications, automotive electronics, modern transportation, power transmission, and other industries.