Sanan IC Bringing III-V Portfolio to North America and Europe

Sanan IC, a Chinese-based foundry with headquarters in Xiamen that specializes in compound semiconductor production, reported that it is bringing its III-V family to North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region. Sanan IC’s product portfolio includes GaAs HBT, pHEMT, BiHEMT, Integrated Passive Components (IPD), Filters, Gallium Nitride (GaN) Power HEMT, Tantalum Carbide, and Indium Phosphide DHBT Process Technology.

The company says its high-performance, large-scale and high-quality III-V compound semiconductor fabrication, serves the power electronics, optical electronics, RF, and millimeter wave markets. Sanan IC claims that it offers the first 6-inch compound semiconductor wafer foundry in China.

Sanan IC Claims First 6-inch III-V Foundry in China

Cai Wenbi, general manager of Sanan IC, said, (according to a Google translation) “We see that there is a huge global demand for a large number of 6-inch III-V compound epitaxial wafers driven by continued growth in the RF, millimeter wave, power electronics, and optical markets. We are based on our own vertically integrated manufacturing services of the compound semiconductor technology platform, coupled with our own epitaxial wafer and substrate throughput, make us an ideal foundry partner in the industry.”

The company points out that III-V compound technology provides infrastructure and users for operators around the world for 5G, Wireless connectivity, and the Internet of Things.