ROHM’s New 1700V/250A Rated SiC Power Module Proves Reliable

ROHM recently reported the development of a 1700V/250A rated SiC power module. According to ROHM, the module boasts the industry’s highest level of reliability optimized for inverter and converter applications including industrial high power supplies and outdoor power generation systems.

ROHM points out that power applications for electric vehicles and industrial equipment are increasingly adopting 1200V SiC. Also, the company notes that the trend towards higher power density has produced in higher system voltages, thereby increasing the demand for 1700V products. However, ROHM points out that it has been challenging to achieve the desired reliability. Therefore, IGBTs are typically preferred for 1700V applications.

ROHM-- graph with graphics of Voltage vis Current of Power Modules

In response, ROHM says it was able to achieve high reliability at 1700V, while maintaining the energy-saving performance of its 1200V SiC products. In doing so, the company created the world’s first successful commercialization of 1700V rated SiC power modules.

ROHM graph of leakage current over time comparing standard IGBT modules to SiC modules

The BSM250D17P2E004 employs new fabrication methods and coating materials to prevent dielectric breakdown and suppress increases in leakage current.

The combination of these new fabrication methods and coating materials result in a device that a device that prevents dielectric breakdown even after 1,000 hours under high temperature, high humidity bias testing (HV-H3TRB). In fact, the device had no failures even when 1,360V was applied for over 1,000 hours at 85°C with 85% humidity.

Incorporating the company’s SiC MOSFETs and SiC Schottky barrier diodes into the same module and optimizing the internal structure reduced ON resistance by 10% compared to other SiC products in its class. This ON resistance reduction translates to improved energy savings and reduced heat dissipation.