Rohm Semiconductor and GaN Systems Partner on GaN Power Electronics Business

Rohm of Kyoto, Japan and GaN Systems of Ottawa, Ontario Canada, announced their collaboration in the GaN (gallium nitride) Power Semiconductor business. The goal of the collaboration, according to the companies, is to continue the evolution of GaN-based power electronics.

GaN Systems brings its capabilities in GaN transistors, and Rohm will provide its considerable resources for the design and manufacturing of electronic components. GaN Systems and Rohm have agreed to jointly develop form-, fit-, and function-compatible products using GaN semiconductor dies.

As part of the collaboration, the products will leverage both GaN Systems’ GaNPX® packaging and ROHM’s traditional power semiconductor packaging. Both GaN Systems and ROHM customers will have access to two possible sources for package-compatible GaN power switches.

According to the companies, customers will also benefit from more access to GaN products and resources internationally, especially in Asia, one of the fastest growing markets for GaN power semiconductors. In addition, GaN Systems and ROHM plan to work together on GaN semiconductor research and development to devise power electronics solutions for automotive, industrial, and consumer electronics applications.

Rohm and GaN Systems to Contribute to Greater Energy Savings

Also, both companies intend to leverage GaN power electronics technology to contribute to greater energy savings and increased power densities in power electronics products.

Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems commented, “By combining our joint expertise and capabilities, we’re enabling more businesses to access and experience the benefits of GaN in achieving higher power, more efficient, smaller, and lighter power electronics.”

“By leveraging the superior technologies and expertise of both companies, we are able to accelerate the development of high-performance solutions to solve the needs of the power market,” said Katsumi Azuma, senior managing director of Rohm Semiconductor.