Renesas Introduces Radiation-Hardened GaN FET Driver and GaN FETs

Renesas Electronics Corporation of Tokyo, Japan announced the space industry’s first radiation-hardened, low side Gallium Nitride (GaN) field effect transistor (FET) driver and GaN FETs. According to Renesas, the new radiation-hardened GaN FET driver and GaN FETs enable primary and secondary DC-to-DC converter power supplies in satellites and launch vehicles, as well as high-reliability industrial applications, and downhole drilling.

The company says that these devices power ferrite switch drivers, motor control driver circuits, embedded command modules, heater control modules, redundancy switching systems, and 100V and 28V power conditioning devices.

The ISL70024SEH 200V, 7.5A GaN and the ISL7023SEH 100V, 60A GaN FET and utilize the base die from Efficient Power Conversion Corporation (EPC). Renesas claims that the GaN FETs deliver up to 10 orders of magnitude better performance than silicon MOSFETs while decreasing package size by 50 percent. The company further asserts that the GaN FETs also reduce power supply weight and achieve higher power efficiency with less switching power.

Renesas introduces Intersil GaN FET Driver and GaN FETs

Renesas introduces Intersil GaN FET Driver and GaN FETs

Both GaN FETs reportedly need less heat sinking due to their design with reduced parasitic elements. Also, Renesas notes that their ability to operate at high frequencies allows the use of smaller output filters.

The company fabricated the devices using a MIL-PRF-38535 Class V-like flow, and they boast guaranteed electrical specifications over the military temperature range and lot-by-lot radiation assurance for high dose rate 100krad(Si) and low dose rate 75krad(Si).

The ISL70040SEH low side GaN FET driver powers the ISL7002xSEH GaN FETs with a regulated 4.5V gate drive voltage and splits the outputs to adjust FET turn-on and turn-off speeds.

The company contends that the ISL70040SEH offers reliable performance when exposed to total ionizing dose (TID) or heavy ions. Also, Renesas says that the ISL70040SEH is immune to destructive single event effects (SEE) up to 16.5V with linear energy transfer (LET) of 86MeV•cm2/mg.