Qorvo Releases Four 28GHz RF Products for 5G Base Stations

Qorvo® of Greensboro, North Carolina USA, announced the broad commercial availability of four high-performance 28GHz RF products for 5G base stations. Qorvo RF products leverage its Gallium Nitride on Silicon Carbide (GaN-on-SiC) and Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) process technologies for state-of-the-art performance with smaller product footprints.

Roger Hall, the general manager of the High-Performance Solutions business unit of Qorvo, said, “Qorvo has collaborated with leading telecom OEMs to support more than 20 5G field trials worldwide. With the broad availability of our 28GHz portfolio, telecom providers can leverage the performance, low noise, high efficiency and small footprint of Qorvo’s field-proven line-up to quickly and cost-effectively deploy 5G millimeter wave networks.”

Qorvo Offers Four 28GHz Products for 5G Base Stations

Among Qorvo’s 28GHz offerings, the QPC1000 phase shifter integrates phase resolution with the ability to switch between transmit/receive functions. Additionally, the company has released the TGA4030-SM GaAs medium-power amplifier/multiplier and the TGA2594 GaN-on-SiC power amplifier as well as the QPA2628 GaAs low-noise amplifier.

According to Qorvo, the complete suite of 28GHz transmit and receive solutions raises power efficiency and optimizes size to aid telecom equipment providers in constructing 5G trial systems and accelerating the implementation of full millimeter wave 5G base station networks.

Joe Madden, the founder of business research firm Mobile Experts expects the deployment of 5G will enable more cost-effective delivery of mobile data. Madden estimates that it costs operators over $1,000 to deliver a megabit per second of LTE network capacity. Madden also predicts that the adoption of 5G will reduce operator costs considerably.

“Our cost model tells us that 5G should be able to achieve a 10x reduction in cost per bit, compared with LTE,” Madden said in a 2017 blog post.