ProPhotonix Introduces Two High-Power Red Laser Diodes

UK firm ProPhotonix Limited added two new high-power red laser diodes from Ushio (previously Oclaro) to its laser diode solutions. The 637nm HL63283HD provides an output power of 1.2 watts in continuous wave and can deliver up to 1.5W when pulsed. This red laser diode is suited for use as a light source in optical equipment, in laser projectors, and in show

The HL63290HD is a 638nm laser diode produces output powers up to 2.5W when pulsed. In continuous wave operation, the HL63290HD laser delivers 2.2W of output power, making it suitable for laser projection applications. This red laser diode can also work in optical equipment applications needing power levels above 2W.

ProPhotonix HL63290HD and HL63283HD Red High-Power Laser Diodes Come in 9mm Cans

Both the HL63290HD and the HL63283HD laser diodes come packaged in compact 9 millimeter cans, and ProPhotonix says they provide excellent heat dissipation.

Jeremy Lane, managing director, ProPhotonix (UK) Limited, commented, “We are delighted to announce the addition of these two new red laser diodes from Ushio (previously Oclaro) to our diode laser product range. These are the highest power levels available from Ushio and this combination of high power and excellent reliability will be welcomed by our OEM customers.”

The HL63283HD and HL63290HD high-power, red laser diodes are immediately available.