Previewing OIDA’s OPTOmism Conference

Finally, it’s springtime! That glorious time when so much of our natural environment
wakes up after a long hard winter and turns a brilliant once green again. It’s
also a great time to start taking a serious look at the ‘greening’ of
our advanced technologies, which are driven largely by those working in the
compound semiconductor arena.

One of the primary catalyst organizations for going green is the Optoelectronics
Industry Development Association, OIDA, which
is planning what looks like an extraordinary conference OIDA is cleverly calling
(and purposely misspelling) OPTOmism.
The three day get-together is slated for May 18-20 and will be held in the heart
of the USA’s famed “Silicon Valley” in California, at the impressive
Network Meeting Center at Techmart, which is located in Santa Clara at 5201
Great America Parkway. OIDA is billing the event as “the premier event
that explores green opportunities in optoelectronics and addresses the growing
and critical role of optics and photonics in global efforts to ‘live green‘.
The multi-faceted event is part of OIDA’s “Green Photonics” initiative
(a phrase they’re trying to trademark) focusing on solar energy, high efficiency
solid state lighting, and energy management, smart buildings, metrology, and
green processes.

While we all talk a great deal about our compound semi industry’s contributions
to solar energy and solid state lighting, we sometimes forget that the track
record in photonic sensors is also a prime player in environmentally friendly
technologies. Fortunately, OIDA hasn’t forgotten and is including sensors at
OPTOmism. I especially liked the wording they used in underscoring the fact,
and expanding the “green technologies,” when they say in their conference
promo: photonic sensors support better utilization of both renewable and
non-renewable resources. As we transition to an information-driven society,
photonics will also play a key role in green IT, communications, and information

The lineup of speakers at OPTOmism is also impressive. By clicking
on this link
, you can easily access a concise overview of the conference
agenda and all the names and credentials of the speakers. The most notable names
that caught my eye were U.S. Energy Secretary and Nobel laureate, Dr.
Steven Chu
and Chuck
, President, CEO and Chairman of Cree. You may recall that I did
an extensive editorial
called “Getting to Know Steven Chu” in late January, when he
officially became head of DoE for the Obama administration. And, of course,
we all know (or know about) Chuck Swoboda. Who can forget his talk in Taiwan
at our BLUE conference in 2004 (Ref: May 11, 2004 editorial
titled “Chuck Swoboda’s Talk at Blue 2004 Was a Smash Hit.”)

Which reminds me, to remind you… our annual BLUE
for the LED supply chain will be held June 8-9th in Hsinchu,
Taiwan. This 7th annual international event has been moved to early June this
year as a lead-in for the 2009 Taiwan Photonics Festival which takes place later
that same week. At BLUE 2009, senior executives from the key industry players
will gather to examine the complete vertical market, from leading manufacturers
and developers of advanced materials and processes, to packaging and packaged
devices. So, before you meet the crowds at the Taiwan Photonics Festival, you’ll
be able to get properly focused on the key market and technical developments
you need to know to stay ahead of the crowd. Visit www.BlueTaiwan.com
for all the details.

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Previewing OIDA's OPTOmism Conference
Finally, it's springtime! That glorious time when so much of our natural environment wakes up after a long hard winter and turns a brilliant once green again. It's also a great time to start…
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