PowerAmerica Seeks Projects to Accelerate the Adoption of SiC and GaN Power Electronics

PowerAmerica, a consortium of industry and academia devoted to the development of wide-bandgap power electronics, has issued its 2018 Call for Projects. The organization is seeking proposals for research and development intended to speed up the adoption of silicon carbide and gallium nitride wide-bandgap power electronics in the United States.

According to PowerAmerica, the Call for Projects is primarily focused on the production of SiC and GaN power semiconductor devices and wide-bandgap power electronics architectures and assemblies, as well as the packaging and manufacturing processes that have the potential to improve performance, lower cost, and create U.S. manufacturing jobs. PowerAmerica ultimately wants these development efforts to demonstrate WBG devices in high-volume commercially viable power electronic applications.

As a consortium, PowerAmerica requires partnerships and collaboration among companies, national laboratories, and universities. The submission of the concept paper is due on Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 9 p.m. EDT. PowerAmerica requires all projects to have a 1:1 cost share.