POET Technologies Collaborates with Almae to Develop Laser Modules Using POET’s Optical Interposer Platform

POET Technologies Inc., a designer, developer, and maker of optoelectronic devices, announced the company has agreed to co-develop transmit device solutions with Almae Technologies SAS, a French-based producer of advanced photonic products. The companies intend to jointly develop, produce, and sell a series of laser modules using the POET Optical Interposer™ platform for high-speed data communication applications.

Also, the companies plan to collaborate on designing lasers and modulators that can work with POET’s Optical Interposer, and Almae will provide foundry services for both epitaxial supply and device fabrication. The joint development work will involve a series of overlapping projects, comprised of the exchange of data and techniques, co-development activities, commercial arrangements, and strategies for pursuing global go-to-market sales.

Embedding Laser with InP Improves Performance

Almae designs and fabricates indium phosphide (InP) epi wafers used to implement photonics circuits integrating semiconductor lasers. Almae’s high-speed ‘buried heterostructure’ laser technology embeds the semiconductor strip that makes up the laser with semi-insulating InP material, thereby enabling good thermal exchange and optimum optical guidance of the beam, as well as low parasitic capacitance and resistance. This design reportedly enhances the performance and stability of integrated lasers.

POET’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Suresh Venkatesan, commented, “In addition to the joint development of Optical Interposer-compatible devices, the agreement outlines an arrangement for sharing expertise and resources to accelerate time-to-market for both companies, while also expanding our collective geographic reach and providing a much larger market opportunity.”

Dr. Jean-Louis Gentner, CEO of Almae Technologies, stated, “The framework for collaboration with POET follows closely behind the recent introduction of our 25G integrated laser-modulator (25G EML), which has broad application in high-performance photonics. The inclusion of our device designs into the POET Optical Interposer platform will expand the applications we can address in both the datacom and telecom markets.”