POET Subsidiary to Supply SLED Products to Luxmux for Next-Gen Light Sensing

POET Technologies Inc. of San Jose, California USA, announced a long-term agreement to supply superluminescent diode (SLED) products to Luxmux Technology Corporation of Canada. Lumux is a developer of “miniaturized photonics solutions” that enable systems for next-generation light sensing.

As part of the agreement, POET Technologies, through its subsidiary DenseLight Semiconductors, will design and manufacture multiple wavelengths of Denselight’s Superluminescent Diode (SLED) sets for Luxmux to integrate into products that are used for several photonic applications. According to POET, these Luxmux products will benefit from significant system-level advantages of the SLED sets including compact size, accuracy and stability.

The strategic partnership aims to ensure the seamless integration of devices into Luxmux’s Broad Spectrum Tunable Superluminescent Diode (BeST-SLEDTM) butterfly package. Luxmux’s BeST SLEDs are expected to enable unique capabilities in applications including remote sensing, energy, bio-medical, metrology, material characterization, and optical device characterization.

POET’s Chief Executive Officer Suresh Venkatesan commented, “We are pleased to be partnering with Luxmux, a leader in innovative photonic and optic technologies, to leverage our unique superluminescent diodes for use in their leading photonic products. This collaboration also provides both companies with expanded future opportunities to develop and commercialize additional integrated SLED optoelectronic technologies.”

Luxmux’s President and CEO Yonathan Dattner stated, “Engaging with POET Technologies as a supplier and strategic partner is an important milestone for Luxmux, as it increases our capabilities in the photonics market. We researched several suppliers and selected the Denselight SLED because of its unparalleled quality and performance. We are excited by the opportunities afforded by this collaboration as well as the technologies this partnership will enable us to bring to the market.”

Due to the agreement’s confidentiality clause, POET is prohibited from disclosing specifics regarding the supply order or scope of the partnership.